Established 2011

The PTB - Paintball, Tits, Beers!

  • Paintball
  • 100 Paintballs
  • Private Bar
  • Drinks Package
  • Topless Waitress
  • Private Bar Staff
  • Awesome Food Platters
  • Customise it!

Three words on every best man’s bucket list: Paintball. Tits. Beer. Kick this winning day off with an epic bucks party paintball Gold Coast battle...before heading to your private premier VIP space where 3 hours of bevvies are flowing, and your private My Ultimate Bucks topless angel shows off her best ass-ets, all whilst serving you all up an awesome feed and plenty of booze.

$229.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

So, you’re thinking of a bucks party paintball Gold Coast day? Let’s add a little bit of My Ultimate Bucks style to it and add on a private celebration room, and free-flowing beers served up by a topless hottie!

Kick off this bucks party paintball session by grabbing the lads and heading over to the battlefield to exercise those itchy trigger fingers. We’ve got you covered with masks, trendy jumpsuits, and 100 paintball bullets to start you off with and show your mates who’s boss! Which tactic will you choose? Spray and pray or those precision shots you only see in Call Of Duty? Either way, paint the other team (specifically, the buck too!) with as many bullets as you can and prove you’re the real MVP and the ultimate marksmen. Of course, you’ll need to decide if the buck can be used as target practice and sent back to his bride to be with a few unusual bruises!

Time to head back to your chosen den of iniquity (or you know, just someone’s house) to suit up for the bucks night before unleashing the lads into Surfers Paradise and into your private VIP room at our epic Gold Coast venue!

Located in the heart of the action, this iconic building has a bucks party private room awaiting you. Put your wallets away boys, this one’s all sorted with three hours of free flowing bevvies, featuring all you can drink beer, cider, and wines to quench your thirst after a day out on the battlefield!

And what Gold Coast bucks night would be complete without some tits – cue your own hot as hell personal topless waitress - straight off the catwalk of your bucks dreams and not at all shy, her task for the evening is to fawn and flatter as she fetches your drinks and flirts her pretty little ass-ets off. A welcome distraction, leaving not much to the imagination but plenty of reason to keep on drinking.

We know it's hard to pick your jaw up off the floor when there’s a topless stunner flaunting her perfect rack, but you might just be convinced when you see the epic line up of dude food featuring the likes of pizzas loaded with toppings, chicken skewers, salt & pepper calamari and more! You and the lads will be in foodie heaven!

Just add on our complimentary nightclub or strip club entry to keep the party going after 3 hours of bliss, and you’ve got one hell of a Gold Coast bucks party ideas! Send us a message at Our contact form or give us a call on 1300 339 734 and we’ll get you locked and loaded!