Established 2011

Right On Target

  • Axe Throwing
  • Epic Share Food
  • Iconic Surfers Paradise Bar
  • Drinks Package
  • Customise it!

Get your game face on and prepare to separate the men from the boys with this unique bucks party idea. Celebrate axe throwing victory in style with an incredible bucks dinner party and quench that hard earned thirst with free flowing cold ones while raising a glass to your buck! This Gold Coast axe throwing bucks party is right on target!

$179.00 per person, based on 14 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Ready to chuck on your flannels and channel your inner Viking on this Gold Coast axe throwing bucks party? We thought so too!

Round up the lads, it’s time to put your strength to good use, and throw like you’ve never thrown before. Your very own Gold Coast axe throwing ring awaits along with your sharpened weapons and targets near five metres away. We surround you with the city’s best axemen to add to the pressure as you learn to aim and throw like a pro, and man is it a damn good time! Reckon you can out-throw the rest of the boys and prove who’d actually survive in the Middle Ages? Well now’s your chance, we encourage a bit of ‘friendly’ competition! It's one of the best Gold Coast bucks ideas out there!

Once the splinters have hit the floor, it’s time to compare scares and see who has the bragging rights for the rest of the year and make your way to the next part of this Gold Coast bucks party!  Our epic bar and restaurant is located right in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Head on in to your reserved table where you’ll celebrate your axe throwing victory with style with our incredible bucks night dinner! You’re right in amongst the action, and are welcomed as every bucks party should be – with a nice cold beer to quench your thirst. The beers don’t stop there either – because as every Gold Coast bucks party deserves, we've set the bevvies to free flowing for the next two hours! After a day of axe throwing epicness, you’re rewarded with a delicious bucks dinner served sharing style down the middle of the table featuring a spread fit for kings...vikings that is!

Now you’re perfectly positioned right in the heart of Surfers Paradise to continue the bucks night fun long into the night – chat to one of our professional consultants about adding an erotic strip show later on in the night, or want complimentary entry into some of the best clubs? We’ve got you covered – whatever you decide!

Hit a bullseye with this truly awesome Gold Coast bucks night send off – the perfect combination of healthy competition, a unique activity, awesome food and debauchery for those who want to kick on – so much win! All you have to do is pick up the phone. We are on 1300 339 734 or on email at Our contact form!