Established 2011

A Bucks Well Done

  • Iconic Surfers Paradise Bar
  • Private Bar
  • Round Of Drinks On Arrival
  • Topless Waitress
  • Private Bar Staff
  • Steak Dinner
  • Classic Starters
  • Customise it!

Gold Coast bucks ideas, they’re our specialty! Treat the man of the hour to the ultimate send off. A private room with your own personal topless waitress to serve up your arrival beers – and your very own bar! Party in style with our My Ultimate Bucks angel before heading off for a steak dinner fit for kings. We told you there’s no better pairing!

$179.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Looking for the best Gold Coast bucks party ideas to treat your best mate to the ultimate send off? This one’s a classic, and a legendary package amongst past bucks groups - combining your own private room at our iconic venue with a bucks party topless waitress! But that’s just the start, head on down to your reserved table for a 2 course steak dinner fit for kings, and let us take care of your entry to the clubs to kick on afterwards! We don’t call it a Bucks Well Done for nothin’!

Kick off this bucks night dinner by heading through the palms at our timeless and iconic restaurant in the heart of Surfer’s Paradise. Walk straight through the main bar and into VIP territory as you head upstairs to our cheeky private room where a round of drinks awaits the team, served up by your very own bucks party topless waitress no less! To give the boys a view of a lifetime, she’s dressed in nothing but a tiny thong, so tiny you could floss your teeth with – just the way we like it!

Naturally, your private room has it’s very own bar – which we’ve opened up and staffed exclusively for your group! For those who want to treat the buck, and themselves to additional drinks, we’ve set you up with perfect convenience to save you heading downstairs each time you want to grab a beer. Simply have your topless stunner head to the bar for you, that’s what she’s there for! Of course, along with her incredible ass…ets, she’s got a personality to match with banter to keep up with the lads and a flirty nature that the guys will love! Party it up in style, before the next instalment of this brilliant night awaits. This is one of our most popular Gold Coast bucks party ideas for a reason gents!

After two glorious hours in your private room with your sexy plus one, wave her goodbye and head on downstairs to your reserved table where your two-course meal awaits! We kick this dinner for kings off with the classics: wings, wings and more wings alongside our signature buttery garlic breads of course. Next – time for the main event! What could be better than a bucks steak dinner Gold Coast style! Check out the chef’s specialty menu and sink your teeth into our perfectly cooked steak, or any of our other incredible main meals including our bucks favourite hearty lasagne or chicken schnitty! When dinner comes to an end, feel free to check out the sports bar or head out into the nightlife of Surfers!

Did you even have your bucks on the Gold Coast if you didn’t hit the Surfers strip? The My Ultimate Bucks team can arrange complimentary strip club or night club entry for all of your guests, so let us take care of it all and give your best mate the send off he deserves with our Bucks Well Done package.

All that’s left to do is give us a buzz on 1300 339 734 or shoot us an email at Our contact form to get the party started!