Established 2011

Do It Once, Do It Right!

  • Stretch Hummer
  • BYO In The Hummer
  • Express Night Club Entry
  • Round Of Drinks At The Club
  • VIP Strip Club Entry
  • Hot Strip Show
  • Customise it!

Start this Gold Coast bucks night out getting picked up from the bucks chosen den by your personal, extravagant, big rig hummer that’s kitted to the nines with a sound system that would do the Vegas strip proud! Dropped to the door of one of best Gold Coast nightclubs where you’re treated like royalty, then it’s time for a bucks night strip show your buck won’t soon forget. Best man job done!

$149.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Is a Gold Coast bucks night complete without a hummer, an awesome nightclub, topped off with a trip to our iconic strip club? The answer is NO! Jump in the hummer for a trip around Gold Coast before being dropped off at our favourite nightclub for some VIP treatment. Then it’s over to our premier strip club for a lovely lady and a special surprise for the buck!

What better way to start this king of Gold Coast bucks party ideas than by stepping into our modern stretch hummer for a tour of Surfer’s Paradise and all its nightlights? Grab your mates and climb on in and let’s get started! Chuck on your own playlist, and make sure you bring your favourite bevvies – that’s right, our epic hummer is totally BYO friendly! Blast those tunes through the high-tech sound system and stroll around the city feeling like a million bucks! A suave stretch hummer is the true  head-turning transport that only befits the best of Gold Coast bucks.

Pull on up to one of our trendiest nightclubs on the Gold Coast and see the huuuuuge line outside, all waiting to get in. Now skip the line. With our VIP entry, head into the express lanes and keep up that rockstar feel as you pass through the ropes and into this insane nightclub! We’ve prepared a choice of your favourite spirit to get into the night with, we’ve got gins, vodkas, rums and more, truly something for everyone. Then it’s time to let the rhythm overtake you and hit the dancefloor (or the bar of course!). Let the thumping music and the incredible atmosphere carry you away!

But of course, we couldn’t let you stop there on this Gold Coast bucks night! Reluctantly leave the high octane club and head over to our favourite gent’s club to round out the night. But not just anywhere, head right on up in front of the main stage- we wouldn’t want you to miss a thing, now would we? Watch as the girls dance before a very special (and incredibly good looking) babe strolls on stage. Get ready to laugh for this special show for the buck and watch as the main man is seductively pulled on stage by our girl and treated to a very special strip show! It is his bucks party after all – better not tell his mother… or his future wife!

Well, I don’t know how you can top this epic Gold Coast bucks night out! If you’re ready for a stretch hummer ride to the express lanes of our favourite pumping nightclub and then a (very) interactive strip show for the buck then look no further! Drop us a email at Our contact form or give us a buzz on 1300 339 734, and we’ll get planning!