Established 2011

Sushi & Stunners - with Naked Sushi Experience!

You'll never look at sushi the same way again... This one of a kind Brisbane bucks party package is the perfect mix of sexy and delicious! We combine your own VIP booth, a hot as hell topless waitress, drinks, and an insane naked sushi experience that is nothing your buck has ever seen before!

$129.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Is your best mate an avid sushi lover, and searching for a one of the kind Brisbane bucks party? Give him the perfect combination of sushi and debauchery for his one of a kind send off into married life! We can assure you that you and the lads have never experienced sushi like this! Nyotaimori, is the Japanese art of eating sushi off a hot as hell naked woman, and man is it fun! This really is the sort of thing that you only get a hall pass to do on a bucks night - so why the hell not? I challenge you to find another time throughout his upcoming marriage where his soon to be Mrs will be okay with him inviting a sexy woman over to climb up onto their dining table! It's a total Brisbane bucks party win!

It all kicks off as we welcome you as VIP's to your own cordoned off booth of our top notch club. Your private and stunning topless waitress will soon be serving everyone a round of beers and showing off her best ass-ets! Bottoms up - because there's another round headed your way! Enjoy the atmosphere with the lads and settle in for one hell of a night. Your topless stunner will be clad in only a teenie tiny G-string and sky high heels and is all yours for the next two hours - she will fetch your drinks from the bar and pander over the lads - especially the buck! She's an absolute stunner and the perfect ice breaker too.

After the first hour to settle in, your Nyotaimori naked sushi experience is about to begin! Held privately for your group, our stunning My Ultimate Bucks babe will be the sexiest plate you will ever eat off - with delicious freshly made sushi prepared all over her body - don't drop the chopsticks lads - it can be a little hard to concentrate! This awesome dining is a one of kind experience that the lads will really get in too and is one of our best unique bucks party ideas. The novelty factor is kicked up to a million, not to mention the freshly made sushi is great too! Tonight is all about the senses - devour the entire delicious scene with your eyes as well as eating some delicious food!

From here, kick on in your VIP booth and enjoy the company of your hot as hell topless waitress. We have options to add a beverage package - with spirits if you like - if you want to keep the drinks coming, as well as add on options of private double fantasy strip shows, private topless poker dealers and more throughout the evening - you are the VIP's after all so just ask your My Ultimate Bucks consultant for details.

When we say this package gets spicy we're not just talking about the wasabi! It is your best mates final sendoff before his married life, so let's make it a memorable one! Enquire about this unique Brisbane bucks party package today by giving us a call on 1300 339 734 or shooting us an email at Our contact form!