Established 2011

Grand Prix Glory

  • Go Karting Grand Prix
  • Bus Transport
  • 2 Course Dinner
  • Drinks Package
  • Customise it!

Find someone who’s not down for a night of go karting Brisbane bucks, go on, we’ll wait. Time’s up and that checkered flag has been waved! Jump into the driver’s seat and push that kart for the Brisbane buck’s adventure of a lifetime, complete with a drinks package and pub meal to cool off by the waterfront.

$199.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Calling all thrill seekers who are down for an epic afternoon of go karting Brisbane bucks debauchery? It’s time to tear this s**t up like Mario on his way to a booty call with Peach! Naturally this is all followed by a legendary dinner with free flowing drinks to match! And like every epic bucks, we’ve even sorted the private transfer to get you from A to B.

For starters, why not rock up with a bunch of your finest lads, get all that safety stuff outta the way and hit the asphalt for your qualifying laps to prove who’s truly the fastest of the boys. Once we’ve determined who’s buying the first round at kick ons, hit the track proper and exclusive-like, with those trendy balaclavas you often find in grainy 7/11 CCTV recordings, purely to keep the dust off your face as you overtake everyone but the buck…if you’re that forgiving!

Once the track has cooled and the champagne sprayed get ready to meet your very own driver, who’ll take the team to the best part of the night - our glorious Brisbane riverfront where a pub and beer awaits, and LOTS of it. It's a total Brisbane bucks party win!

Regardless of whether you reigned victorious on the track or got absolutely smoked, an ice cold beer never goes astray especially on a bucks night – so head on inside for 2 straight hours of bucks drink package epicness with included beers, wines, ciders and soft drinks, made better by the stories of the boys’ exploits! We’ve lined up an array of delicious pizza to top it all off, with sauces, meats, cheeses piled high…Name a better combination than pizza and beer? We’ll wait! It’s a bucks night dinner for kings! After two hours of drinking and eating your way through one of the best bars in Brisbane – you’re welcome to kick on at the bar for standard ordering and piss-sinking like usual, maybe toss in a couple of those cocktails, you know, just to make sure you don’t like them. Or let us arrange complimentary club entry for you and the whole crew.

Hear that? That’s the sound of those poor engines idling, book now and see what they can really do. Give us a call on 1300 339 734 or flick us an email at Our contact form to see that checkered flag waving you on. Or if you need more inspiration, keep browsing our epic Brisbane bucks party packages!