Established 2011

Whisky Mission!

Dumbfound your buck with My Ultimate Bucks Whisky Mission package! We’ll trap you in our best bucks party escape room to test your detective skills before either rewarding your success or consoling your losses with a brilliant riverside dinner and free-flowing spirits! It’s the unique Brisbane bucks party idea that your best mate was definitely not expecting and it’s a total mystery to him how you pulled off such an epic night…

$159.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

What could be better than a bucks party escape room? If you answered free-flowing spirits and a riverside dinner – then we’ve got you covered!

Escape the busy planning by getting yourselves locked up in one of our devilish escape rooms that’ll test your brains and channel your inner Sherlock Holmes! With multiple themed rooms, we’ll pick one to lock you in and present you with lots of cryptic clues, ridiculous riddles and ludicrous locks to solve. You’ll really test the friendships and your mental dexterity with these ones! Oh, and you only have 60-minutes to do it in or you’ll be trapped inside forever… we’re just kidding!

Race to be the smartest in the room and escape your way to victory or our bucks party escape room experts might have to open the door and let you out instead! Either way you still get to head out to our awesome riverside venue for some epic dude food and free flowing drinks! Brisbane bucks party win!

Grab a drink as you settle into your reserved table at our incredible Bucks night venue! We’ve got the beers, wines, ciders AND spirits on ice for the next 2 hours so drink up boys! Whether you prefer a cold, cold schooner or a Jack & coke, it doesn’t matter tonight! We’ve even got the perfect menu to go with this free-flowing drinks package… Pizza of course! We’ve got something for everyone with a selection of piping hot pizzas served down the centre of the table. Chow down on our awesome pizzas while you raise a toast to the man of the hour! Beer and pizza – what more could you want for a bucks night dinner?!

Just as your dinner is winding down and you’re finishing up the last round of drinks, the guys begin to wonder where the nights going to take you. Don’t worry we’ve got that covered too! We can arrange guest-list entry into some of Brisbane’s hottest nightclubs for the guys to party the night away or if you’d prefer we can arrange strip club entry instead – and of course, we’ve covered the cover charge!

If you’re looking for a unique Brisbane bucks party idea that all the guys will love - the mystery is solved! You don’t even have to solve any clues; you just have to call us on 1300 339 734 or shoot us a message at Our contact form and let us take care of the rest! After all we’ve already deciphered the riddle of throwing a legendary bucks night!