Established 2011

The Essential Bucks Weekend

  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Topless waitress in Apartment
  • American Sports Bar
  • Beers & Burgers Feed
  • Bonus Shot For The Buck
  • Access to Discounted Shots For Your Group
  • Customise it!

Can we describe the essential Brisbane bucks accommodation and weekend? Of course we can! Beer, a seriously good feed, tits, and more beer! Oh and a place to crash for when the buck passes out and you want to draw on his face with sharpie…because let’s be honest, he’s ditching the boys for the married life and he deserves at least a little payback.

$269.00 per person, based on 10 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

If it’s a lads weekend away you’re after, is there anything more essential than the ultimate the Brisbane bucks accommodation to get you started? We’ve got epic views, spacious apartments, full sized fridges for plenty of BYO bevvies and that’s just the beginning. It’s time for a weekend of nothing but the boys, debauchery, and painting the town whatever damn colour you want! Whether you’re the best man or the buck himself, put yourself on autopilot and let us sort you out with one of the best Brisbane bucks ideas there is!

Arrive to your apartments overlooking the Brisbane River, and make yourselves at home – the day is finally here! Stock that fridge to the brim, chuck on the footy and raise a toast to the man of the hour, before your topless waitress bucks party angel arrives to kick things up a notch!

Speaking of the soaring skyline peaks of Brisbane…the views from the balcony are great, but they’re nothing compared to the stunning babe who’s about to arrive, and she seems to have lost her shirt show how! Lucky for you lads the beers always taste better served by a topless stunner, but don’t take our word for it! Test our theory for yourself!

If you want to add some more life to the party, we can even add additional babes for you – or ask your topless waitress bucks party babe to come equipped with some cards & chips if you’re a bunch of poker pro’s.  Now that will be a poker game like you’ve never seen before, you’ll be surprised what chips can do between a pair of skilled…fingers.

After two hours of staring at twin peaks and the BYO beers are hitting just right, it’s time to hit the town. Our epic New York inspired sports bar is hidden in the laneways of the CBD, and conveniently located walking distance from the hotel. Winning! . As you walk inside, you'll be greeted with a pint of ice cold beer each, so raise a glass to your buck. But it doesn't stop there! For the man of the hour we've organised a bonus shot, and for the rest of the crew - we've arranged a shots discount for you, so you can join your mate for a round or three if you like!

Our bar is party central so stick around if you want to party into the night, or ask us to add your names to the guest list at our night club or strip club! My Ultimate Bucks VIP’s don’t pay entry like the rest of the chumps – naturally! If you want to up the ante, we can even add a sneaky drinks package, VIP booth or even a strip show for your gang. Just a few extras in the bucket of Brisbane bucks ideas!

Send us a message at Our contact form or give us a bell on 1300 339 734, and we’ll sort out the best day of your lives and a one way ticket to that Best Man Hall Of Fame!