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Can't Organise A Piss Up In A Brewery

  • Brewery Tour
  • Local Brisbane Breweries
  • Private Bus & Driver
  • 4 Beer Paddles Each
  • Brewery Feed
  • 4 Breweries Visited
  • Customise it!

A bucks brewery tour is amongst the best of the best of Brisbane bucks ideas, not to mention all inclusive bucks party ideas! Give your best mate the Brisbane brewery tour he deserves for his final send off. We'll do the organising and you do the drinking!

$189.00 per person, based on 14 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Want to organise a piss up on your bucks brewery tour but can't? Well don’t stress! Here at My Ultimate Bucks it’s what we do! We’ve painstakingly selected only the finest stops on this epic Brisbane brewery tour! With a private coach to take you on this fantastic beer adventure, there shall be no designated driver today! It’s an epic day out for that beer loving buck!

This day kicks off as our luxury private coach rolls on up to a central location of your choice! Gather the guys at the bucks house, best man's house, the local pub - it's your choice! It’s all aboard the Booze Bus and onwards to the first stop on your Brisbane bucks brewery tour! You have the finest in beer connoisseurs directing this tour, so you’re in safe hands and off to the home of award-winning breweries!

The first stop on this beer-focused adventure is an iconic Brisbane brewery! With its funky warehouse design welcoming you, you’re given a tasting paddle of their finest brews.  These may be small in size, but they're big in stature – lucky size is not an issue, right boys! Settle in and banter with the guys, maybe reminisce on some of the bucks most embarrassing moments in his single days… with a cold brew in hand and sun shining down on you it’s total Brisbane bucks party bliss!

Round up the lads and jump back onto you private bus to your next stop of the day.  This award winning brewery serves your group up yet another tasting paddle of up to 6 brews! With some of the Brisbane's finest ales and lagers you've tasted, no lad will be left disappointed. By now, I'm sure you've worked up an appetite, so don't worry guys, we've got you covered.  Think an epic pub lunch - burgers, pizzas, wings and more! Dig in, enjoy some epic food and a cold bevvie... It doesn’t get much better than this!

Our third stop on this bucks brewery tour is a little micro-brewery where beer reigns King! These artisans of beer have brewed some impressive flavours and so we’ve arranged another FIVE tastings to ensure you find your favourite! From the light and fragrant tropical ale to a heavy, dry Irish stout, they really do have it all! Grab your beers and settle in to enjoy the afternoon!

After your third stop, there may be some who are a little wobbly on their feet but that’s all good, that’s what your privately chauffeured bus is for! So pile on in and let your driver lead you onwards to your final epic brewery tour stop! Brisbane has an outstanding range of craft breweries to choose from, all of which are well known and have an epic range of bevvies to choose from. Sit back, settle in and enjoy your final stop of the day, wherever it may be!

Once you’ve tasted all these fine offerings and eaten your fill of delicious food, it’s time to wave farewell to the final beer haven, and hop back onboard your private bus. Our trusty guide will ensure that you are safely delivered home or to a location of your choice before bidding his farewell.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be the end of the line for this Brisbane bucks party! We can arrange complimentary entry into our best nightclubs or strip clubs to keep the party going! We could even add a dinner, private room or accommodation to take this party up a notch.

So what’s the hold up? Call us on 1300 339 734 or email on Our contact form and we’ll organise the piss up in a brewery your best mate so desperately deserves!