Established 2011

A to B - Axes To Babes

  • Axe Throwing
  • Bus Transport
  • Steak Dinner
  • Round of Beers on Arrival
  • Bonus Beer for the Buck
  • Double Fantasy Show
  • Customise it!

Our A to B Axes to Babes package ticks all of the boxes for the ultimate axe throwing bucks party! Brisbane axe throwing, private bus transport, a bucks strip show Brisbane experience and an epic dinner of course. Test your axe throwing skill and be rewarded with brilliant food, drink and can thank us later!

$169.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Have you been searching for the perfect axe throwing bucks party? Round up the lads because it's time to put your strength to the test during this epic afternoon of friendly axe throwing competition - and don't worry, we'll rewards you with a delicious feed and a double fantasy strip show later! Luckily this epic Brisbane bucks party ticks all the above - so treat your best mate to the ultimate bucks send off!

Kick your awesome afternoon off by being handed a whole lot of sharp axes and pointed towards your target, it's time to let loose - and don't worry if your aim is as good as ours (and by good, we mean bad), there's professionals on hand to teach you the art of being a true axe throwing pro. Battle it out to see who truly has the best aim... or who has the most potential to compete at the Lumber Jack World Championships - and yes, it's a real thing!

Throw with all your might in an afternoon full of axe throwing bucks party competition and laughter as the boys cheer for the victorious and rip piss on the less talented axe wielders of the group! After an hour and a half of axe hurling, we can guarantee you've worked up an appetite, so hop onboard your private bus transport that's outside waiting to take you to our next epic venue. Be dropped to the door of our most genuinely British pub and be greeted only as legends should be on a Brisbane bucks night, with a cold drink on arrival - it's your choice of cold house beer, cider or house spirit and mixer!

Your two-course bucks dinner kicks off with incredible shared starters served down the table so you can sample everything - and you're going to want to! Our classic English tavern boasts an awesome menu full of the best hearty English fare around, so there's definitely something for every lad! It's time for the main meal - the portions are huge and the quality is premium - so tuck in and enjoy!

After finishing your beers and dinner, it's just a short stroll down the road to our sought-after adult lounge for an incredible bucks strip show Brisbane experience! Step inside and be surrounded by stunners clad in little else than a tiny amount of lace and sky-high heels! Shortly after arriving, it's time to be taken to our exclusive lounge for your awesome private strip show...

You're joined by TWO of our hot as hell performers ready to perform a double fantasy strip show your buck won't be able to forget! What’s twice as good as having one of our beautiful angels entertain you and the lads? Having two of them. Getting very close with each other. Naked! Our bucks strip show Brisbane experience is always a total crowd pleaser and your best mate will be thanking you for pulling it all off!

Once you're two stunners reluctantly leave, you're welcome to stay on and be surrounded by continuous topless dancers, or you can chat to one of our Brisbane bucks party consultants about continuing the shenanigans with complimentary nightclub entry to keep the party going!

You may not have won axe throwing, but you can rest assured that you’ve won the title of the ultimate best man! All you need to do is shoot us an email at Our contact form or call us on 1300 339 734