Established 2011

Axes and Ales!

  • Axe Throwing
  • 4 Beer Paddles Each
  • Beer Tastings
  • Brewery Feed
  • Brewery Tour
  • Private Bus & Driver
  • Customise it!

Grab your battle axes and prepare to separate the boys from the men with an epic bucks party axe throwing challenge before quenching your thirst with an awesome Brisbane brewery tour fit for kings!

$229.00 per person, based on 12 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

Ready for a bucks party axe throwing day? How about if it’s followed up with a brewery tour?! Sounds like an absolute winner of a Brisbane bucks party idea to me!

Don the flannies, overalls, or grow out your beard and embrace your inner lumberjack as we sharpen the axes and set the targets. Round up the clan and head over to our epic axe throwing range and prepare to engage in the ancient art of axe throwing!

Our experts are on hand to help you live out your Nordic fantasy, and after a quick demonstration you’ll be ready to go into battle. Handed a load of sharp axes and directed towards your targets – you’re let loose to defend your Viking title. Turn on your inner Viking to shred those targets and prove who’d be in your Viking raiding party, and more importantly, who’d sit next to you at the feast that followed!

Differences aside, in true Viking style after a great battle, it’s time to celebrate your victories with some ice-cold brews. Your coach is waiting right outside, so load up and prepare for the next part of your Brisbane adventure!

As you step on, meet our awesome beer expert tour guide who’ll walk you through the finer points of the beer making process and its history as well as keep you entertained between breweries. At each epic venue on this Brisbane brewery tour, be presented with a tasting paddle of their different brews, from a full bodied stout, a classic lager, or even a fruity IPA you’ll be spoilt for choice – we never do things half-assed here at My Ultimate Bucks! Between the three hand-picked breweries, you’ll work out what your niche on the beer spectrum is and where to find more of what you like!

The breweries themselves are also spectacular so don’t forget to look around for a shower wall with taps, outdoor beer gardens, and all that exposed brick you know they love! We wouldn’t dare suggest you survive on beer alone (although we know you could) so we’ve also organised a full selection of all the classic beer pairing titbits to help sink those drinks with. It’s the all inclusive Brisbane brewery tour your best mate asked you to plan!

Savour the tastes and take in the scenery as your Brisbane bucks party comes to an end - full of good food and great beet beer, you lead your men back onto the coach to head back to your location of choice! Sure, you could head home – but where’s the fun in that? Keep the bucks party alive and have us organise some complimentary nightclub or strip club entry so you can continue to party like kings into the night!

If you’re ready to act like a Viking and drink like one too, then give us a shout on 1300 339 734 or send us a message at Our contact form and we’ll do the rest!