Established 2011

Called to Duty - Brisbane Bucks Paintball!

  • Tactical Paintball
  • Lads Dinner
  • 600 Paintballs
  • Equipment
  • Bus Transport
  • Customise it!

There's a reason paintball is one of our best bucks activities for a fun Brisbane bucks night. Not to mention the private bus to whisk you over to the seriously awesome feed and beer awaiting you at the end! Now is your chance to take everything you have learnt from COD and aim it at your mates!

$189.00 per person, based on 15 attendees. Expecting less? Contact us.

What could be better than Brisbane bucks paintball for a day out with the lads? This isn’t just any old bucks paintball package! Run through our awesome themed battlefields littered with obstacles of every kind to complete challenging missions. Suited and booted with the latest in paintball technology and handed a gun that fires rounds like lightning it’s time to show your best mate the legendary Brisbane bucks party he deserves!

Your platoon will be marched to the armoury where we will do everything legally required of us to ensure injuries are minimised. If you’ve played paintball before you know why we say minimised and not eliminated… We’ve got state of the art equipment with epic paintball weapons, camo overalls and an awesome 600 paintballs each! Flight suit, anti-fog facemasks, tactical plate carrier... we’ve got the works! It's Brisbane bucks paintball for the win!

We’ve got all your COD dreams come true with our themed missions and paintball fields. Maybe you’ll be battling it out in a zombie infested land or raiding some tombs for long lost treasure. These aren’t just paintball fields with random junk scattered about, these are intricately themed obstacles with specific missions. Lead your special forces through epic shoot outs and battle fields in a show of teamwork - the origins of which you have no idea. Of course this bucks party is all about comradery and standing together in the trenches, but it’s mission critical that your best mate gets a paintball to the ass at least once during his bucks party!

After hours of hiding behind tree stumps and keeping that heart rate up, your private bus charter is waiting outside to take you to our incredible Fortitude Valley bar & restaurant for a victory feed! We know you would've worked up an appetite on the battlefields. Once sat at your reserved table, all the lads will be served up at a drink - house beer, or a spirit & mixer, it's your choice! Our awesome gastropub is serving up a brilliant one-course dinner with your (hard) choice between an incredible di carne pizza, or a class fish & chips, or a delicious gnocchi... is your mouth watering as much as mine?

Following dinner, the formal part of your bucks party wraps up - but the night doesn't have to end! Chat to our brilliant bucks party consultants about adding complimentary entry into our best Brisbane nightclubs or strip clubs, or take it to the next level with some private bucks night strip shows! It's your call!

Don’t just go wandering onto some paintball field with your wallets blindly open, let us do all the hard work! We’ll arrange absolutely everything you need for an epic Brisbane bucks party! Ammo, equipment, the works – we’ll cover it all so you just need to rock up on the day and shoot the hell out of one another! Give us a call on 1300 339 734 or shoot us an email at Our contact form. We’ll bring everything you need for an epic Brisbane bucks paintball day, and one of the best bucks party activities and you just bring the guys!