Why You Should Have The Bucks Party In Brisbane

When most people are planning a buck’s, when it comes to location they usually only think of Sydney, Melbourne, Sydney, Sydney, Sydney, Sydney, Newcastle. We’d like to try and expand into another option here and see if it wets your whistle, as controversial and brave as that may seem. So, let’s look to the mighty north, but not to where it’s nothing but jungle and crocs, but a little south of that. Just along the east coast there there’s a fairly decent river and on it sits the prime location of Brisbane city. Built on hills like Rome itself, Brisbane can be emperor of your buck’s party, if you let it. We’ve got a convincing list of reasons below why you should set your buck’s party in Brisbane, so have a look and you can thank us later.

Brisbane city skyline over a yacht powering through deep blue water


With the classic Fortitude Valley, the Victory, and the iconic Felons Brewing Co under the just as iconic Story Bridge, Brisbane truly is the centre of everything South East Queensland related. Everything is just a short walk away, whether you want a proper German feed at one of the Bavarian or Pig & Whistle locations, right down to some fantastic bars for a few cheeky cold ones to ward off a warm night, if you’re staying in the CBD proper. Just off the side lies Fortitude Valley, a clubber’s fantasy with both high class bars and those dingy clubs where you always seem to have the best time. Of course, Brisbane isn’t just central to a good time, but also central to other good times. Head north or south and you’ll run into the Sunny and Gold Coasts respectively. If you’re looking for a chill vibe by the beach, get on the highway to the Sunny Coast, where you’ll find fresh seafood and perfect quiet beaches. Alternatively head down and you’ll reach the Gold Coast, the true host of nightlife in SE Queensland. The GC has busier beaches and is busier overall but is more jam packed than a donut being loaded by a toddler with as much grip strength as your nan has on the fine china that’s not since use in this post-war century, with things to do. There’s some spectacular nightclubs, plenty of beaches to pick from, and enough accommodation that none of your Tinder dates need ever be brought to the same one twice.

The sun shining through a raised beer


Of course we can’t talk about Brisbane without mentioning the weather. The opposite of most points in Australia, Brisbane has wet summers and perfect winters, so plan accordingly. If you don’t mind a bit of humidity, which you’ll be well prepared for as the forecast is usually dead on and seven days in advance, plus the occasional spectacular affair that is a summer thunderstorm, then summer is the perfect off-season in Brisbane for you! But if you’re into the crisp and consistently perfect days, that you really just don’t see in any other city, then power on up in the winter and take a break from the cold everywhere else. Either way, Brisbane is the perfect spot if you’re weather conscious as it’s pretty damn predictable and easy to plan around.

A fishing rod against a sunset


Whatever you do with the rest of your day, if you enjoy sinking tinnies, hanging out with the boys, and chilling outdoors, then you’re gonna get on well with the Brisbane attitude. A stark contrast from Melbourne where everyone’s wearing black and always in a hurry, Brisbane’ll let you rock up in a singlet and a pair of thongs to most places, and not feel rushed doing it. There’ll be a few places that do require you put your fancy thongs on, but you can temper that in the grand Brisbane tradition of wearing some sort of flamboyantly colourful socks.

We hope that’s put some sauce on your pie and given you a break from seeing all the Sydney ads, who knew the great north would have anything worth doing other than outrunning some prehistoric croc whilst being chased by a redneck and a cassowary?

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