Bucks Party Ideas For A Second Marriage

Whether you’re looking to focus on something different or trying again to get it right (we’re talking about the buck’s party not the marriage), a redo of a brilliant time is always in your best interest. If the first go round saw you having a pub crawl or a night out on the town, or maybe you did nothing at all and that’s why you’re here, you now have an unparalleled opportunity to do something different, or improve on, from last time. But let’s say you did it totally right last time and now you’re looking for something a little different, something a little exciting. Below we’ve put together some ideas on how to make the most of this opportunity, even if it’s the same thing you did last time, only better!

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The Weekend Bender

Missed out on that infamous buck’s night where you and all the boys got dressed up and hit the town? Well now you can do it! Do it once/twice and do it right, grab yourself a hotel room for you and the lads to crash at, if you make it back by the morning anyway, and get the pre-drinks flowing whilst you put your face on. Of course, to spice things up you can have a babe or two wearing nothing but their spectacular assets, to keep you company, maybe even give the man of the hour a sexy bubble bath, because he’s been a very dirty boy. From there the night is yours, get out and paint the town six shades of red they didn’t know existed. With a couple of VIP passes you can skip the line at any club and maybe get a cheeky booth with a couple of bottles thrown in. So whether a bougie strip club or raving club, complete with strobes and a smoke machine, is your comfort zone, there’ll be something for everyone and they can bet their arses they haven’t seen this show before.

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High Risk, High Reward

If you feel like stepping away from the clubs and doing something to get your blood going, then let us introduce you to the tried and true method. Kick the day off by throwing yourself out of an aeroplane (parachute included), before landing yourself in salty water, surrounded by massive sharks, with only a few steel bars to separate you. Whether you’ve had lunch, or became lunch, hop in the seat of an F1 machine of speed and hit the tarmac. Flying over 300mk/ph, the business end on these things only compares to the pointy end of the rifle you’re about to use on some unsuspecting clay pigeons. End the afternoon turning clay pigeon dreams to dust and providing a stern warning to any other bird out there that may decide to test your patience. With heaps of things out there that’ll get your adrenal glands moving a bit, you’ll have your choice of the lot, and why not make this buck’s party one to remember, especially if the first was a little unmemorable.

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A Night Of Class

It’s time to embrace your Casino Royale with this buck’s redo, martinis shaken, not stirred. Get yourself a private room and your favourite bottle of top shelf scotch, or your favourite bevvie in general, and stud down for a round of poker with the lads. But of course, it wouldn’t be very classy if you didn’t have an incredible pair of tits in your face, so bring on the topless dealer who’ll show you some (card) tricks, and her winning pair of aces. Even get this bombshell to bring some of her foxy friends, these babes will help take the cap off your beer or show you that ice can make things hard as well as cold. Speaking of hard, try and control yourself from bluffing too soon with these hotties around…

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It’s Highkey Lowkey

With plenty of sunny afternoons in a given year and with enough breweries to fill them, why not try? Gather the lads and head over to your favourite brewery or cellar door for some delectable tastings. But why drive yourself? Grab an air conditioned van with its own driver and snacks so you can leave the deso card at home and enjoy the afternoon in a cosey beer garden, you know, the ones with the vines and the gas burners. Between tastings, or during, spice up your palate with a few sliders or brisket, let’s face it, pretty much every brewery knows how to cook!

So, if you’re looking to try your bachelor party again, for whatever reason, we hope we’ve added a bit of insight into what you can do. Remember it’s up to the buck’s taste, and there’s no harm in doing the same thing again, so long as it’s better. We always recommend a little something original, a little twist, but no matter what, do it twice, do it right.

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