How To Plan A Last Minute Bucks Party

Got asked to be the best man months or even years ago, blinked, and suddenly it’s supposed to be next week? Or maybe you were asked two days ago after your best friend announced he was eloping. We know it gives you the terror of not studying for a test or forgetting your homework doesn’t it, but don’t stress, you’re not the first and definitely not the last to have this panic.Go below we’ve got rapid fire tasks to try and make your life easier, have a read and hopefully they’ll spark some of your own.

Speak to the Buck/Bride

Step one is nice and simple, grab the man of the hour and ask him what he wants. Now as his best friend you’ll already have an idea of this whether you know it or not, but it’s good to hear from the source. We need to find out what he likes, is he outdoorsy and adventurous, does he prefer clubbing and a good drink, or is he the stay at home with friends and games type? Either way you’ll need to plan around it, it’s his party after all! Say he’s got no clue or you’re trying to keep it secret from him, in that case talk to the only one closer to him than you are- his blushing bride to be is a great start. Ask her for ideas on what he likes, anything he’s mentioned wanting to do lately, or if he’s been stressed out. This’ll help you gauge what activity will be best for him. We know plenty of brides who like to have a hand in the buck’s party, mischievous or otherwise, so this shouldn’t be too hard to do!

Get the Lads, Get the Budget

Once you’ve got an idea of what he likes, it’s time to get the boys on board. Again you can solve this pretty easy by speaking to the buck or the bride, find out who he likes hanging out with. Of course as the Best Man you might already know half or the whole of the buck’s friendship group, but if you don’t the bride will know more and the buck will know best. It’s important to know that more people generally means things can be cheaper, once you’ve evened them out between everyone, so have a look at everyone you can. We recommend looking at the buck’s family, does he have any cool cousins or siblings that you can bring along for the ride? From there look at work colleagues. Sometimes there’s only one, sometimes there’s a couple, but ask around and see what’s what. After that we’ve got general first, think highschool friends and friends from hobbies. See how many you can get your hands on, just make sure they’re a good time and the buck would approve (if you’re doing this in secret).

Choose the Date

This one goes hand in hand with the next, but ultimately it’s a product of everything together- when are the lads free, when’s the buck free, when are the venues/activities free, when are YOU free? All important things to consider by themselves, but don’t forget you’re now coordinating with the wedding day (we don’t recommend the day before), plus public holidays, weekends- Sundays in particular when a lot of things close up. If you’re running out of time often it’s best to pick a day that works for the buck and all the boys that can make it will, and the others can maybe catch up after work or whatever they’re doing that day. Remember don’t make it feel rushed to the buck, it should seem like smooth sailing for him.

A quad collage of the below activities including gold, strippers, beer tasting, and clubbing

Pick the Activities

Here’s the big one, what’re you going to do for the party? Now this truly depends on the buck and his interests. You could have an easy time of it and only need to chuck him in a 4x4 and bundle him out to the middle of nowhere, plonk him in front of nature’s TV (a fire) with the boys and he’ll have a wonderful time. Alternatively, it could be a day of gaming and you head out for dinner and a few pints. However, if you find yourself looking for more intensive activities, let’s rapid fire some that could potentially be free last minute.
Hotel stay. It’ll probably cost more but short of a few holidays you can usually find a nice place to stay with the boys.
Strippers. When combined with the above and maybe a poker game, that’s a great night you can throw together in a hurry- An apartment with a topless babe dealing you poker, cards in one hand, your favourite beverage in the other.
Clubbing/Barcrawling. The only prep time you really need for this is picking the strip you want to go along, or looking for a skip-the-line VIP pass so there’s not so much waiting around. Usually these are pretty easy to come by, again, depending on the night.
Brewery/Winery Tasting. Depending on the day and the weather, you might be able to get a booking a week out at a nice bougie place to get your palate excited about. It’s a chill time with the boys and a great hang out idea.
Rapid fire honourable mentions:
Barefoot Bowls,
Fishing Trip with a hired boat.

Hopefully this’ll help you out, and remember you can always call a company that’ll do all of this for you. They’ll find spaces in activities that they may have always on reserve, and generally take the stress out. Regardless of how you do it, remember to make the buck feel special, and he will as long as you put the effort in. Goodluck Soldier!

A happy man with his beer in a brewery

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