Bucks Party Ideas With An Underage Guest

Have someone under 18 attending a buck’s party? All is not lost! There’s plenty of times when one of the young ‘uns is coming to a buck’s, whether they’re the kids of the buck himself, or one of the guests, or they’re just the apprentice from work who’s an all round cracker of a time! Regardless, we’ll go over some ways we can include all underage people in a buck’s party, it’s not as hard as you think and definitely no less fun!
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Don’t Break The Rules

This may seem harsh but will avoid you trouble on a few fronts. Let’s cover the basics:

Now this one is situation dependent, but of course you should never be giving alcohol to any minors. Where this is applicable is when an overage person is drinking around an underage one or the alcohol is easily accessible. For instance if you’re out at a bar and you have a group of adults drinking, this may not be an appropriate place to bring someone underage. Additionally, if you're in a private room with a private bar, you want to avoid any implications of an underager having alcohol, particularly as the venue owner wants to avoid any trouble on their watch as well. Another important thing to consider with alcohol, is the question of is the underager not going to have a great time or feel included when everyone else is drinking but they aren’t? This probably applies to the apprentice we spoke about before, rather than your mate’s rugrats. Regardless, keep the party as something everyone can enjoy!

The Entertainment
This is another one with a good injection of common sense- probably best not to have a bunch of strippers at your house buck’s party when you’ve got young kids running around. Again, this isn’t necessarily just about you and the kids, the ladies themselves may be uncomfortable with this too, and you don’t want your entertainment declining the job at the door because they’re uncomfortable having kids around.

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Choose Wisely

With those bits out of the way, let’s look at some of the things you can get up to with underagers. This list doesn’t discriminate, they could be one year or 16 years underage, but we’ll put the minimum ages of the activity in. We’ve seen plenty of the below incorporated into actual Buck’s parties so don’t mistake them for purely ideas for children!

Arcades. The amount of fun you can have with your mates, of any age, at an arcade you’ve booked out can be surprisingly unmatched. If you do have kids with you it's a great time to bond and make them feel included, as well as get your inner child to play your mate’s inner child in Space Invaders and show him who’s the king of the high scores. This is even better if the arcade has a kids play area (great for adults) or a lasertag space (great for everyone, maybe even kids vs adults).

Paintball. Minimum age for paintball is usually about 16+ years, maybe slightly younger if the parent is there to sign the waiver. It’s great fun for everyone and not hard to learn or do, just point, shoot, tactical roll, repeat. With hours of tactical fun you’ll come out of it exhausted and with a big painted grin.

Jetboat. It’s like 4x4ing wasn't enough so we put it on water. These extreme thrill rides are incredibly fun with adults let alone underages. The age varies by venue, however most are pretty flexible as long as the kid can take it and there’s a parent there to sign the waiver again.

Axe Throwing
. This is another great one for everyone, we mean who doesn’t like embracing their inner viking and throwing hunks of steel at wood? You can generally have as young as 11 hear (pending parent’s signature) and both you and them will have a blast. If it’s your own kids they’ll look at you with different eyes when you thud that axe through a wall!

. Real life Mario Kart is every kid’s and adult’s dream so you really can’t go wrong with this one. Groups of adults can tear up the track and have bragging rights as much as the kids so don’t fear not having fun. Kids as young as 6 can do this one, an age so low we think it’s more about reaching the pedals after that.

Mini Golf
. Instead of maxi(?) golf, try out the classic mini golf. A great one for the kids to keep up on, or even separate into bigs and smalls and get puttin’. Of course you can also just go a full game of golf, depending on the height of the underager we imagine.

Fishing trip
. No matter what your age, both young and big blokes are welcome on the fishing trip. If it’s a good day you can pack a beer for yourself and a softdrink of choice for the little’un. Get them feeling included again by giving them a go on the rods, maybe they’ll even get their first fish- then there’s a bunch ready to celebrate for them. An all round great time and pretty customisable to include everyone.

Barefoot bowls
. Not just for old people, people of all ages will love this one. The club attached to these greens usually have a bar for a good beer or a lemon, lime, and bitters for the kids. It’s a fantastic game in the sun that’s easy to learn and easy to play, so long as they can lift the balls (better check the apprentice on that one).

Have Fun!

So, there’s the short list of things to do. As we said, there’s heaps of activities you can make friendly to underages but keep them entertaining for the older guys. Afterall, we’re all just grown up kids anyway, why not get in touch with your roots on a special day?

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