5 Wild Bucks Party Activities for the Adventure Seeker

What’s the difference between a good buck’s party and a great buck’s party? A bucking wild time! Now, we’ve all got those lad’s in the group who are always looking to work out their sense of adventure and get their heart pumping, and probably everyone else’s too, and in this piece we’ll assume he’s also the main man, the buck himself. So, how to combine a sense of adventure with a buck’s party, we hear you ask, it’s more simple than pouring water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel, as hard as some people find that. Below we’ve listed a few ways to get that adventure seeker having the time of his life.

Silhouettes of men standing on a hill overlooking endless rolling hills


Australia is a massive country with heaps of opportunity to trailblaze your own way through it. So grab the boys and get ready to head outback for a few days of cruising through this amazing sunburnt country. Power over the red sands and through those one-house towns, which always seem to have an amazing pub who’ve been going at it since federation. Not only are there thousands of kilometres of secluded beaches, hidden oases, and staggering cliffs, there’s also some of the best tucker to be found. We’ve all heard the stories of that one bakery, deep in whoop whoop, sitting 1000 km from the nearest fuel station and run by a couple as ancient as the land, which cooks up the best meat pie you’ve ever had. These rough gems make exploring this grand country one of the favourites for domestic adventure seekers, provided you have the right gear for the job.


If you’re looking to explore a few more pointed places with a longer drop than an outback bathroom, you’re in luck. With hundreds of waterfalls per state, and some gorgeous hikes to get to some of them, your dauntless buck will have the time of his life swimming in these secluded watering holes. Whilst we can’t advocate for cliff jumping, we’ll warn you that there are definitely some places you can do it and you should avoid them at all costs.

A man facing a waterfall and holding an inflatable doughnut


Renew those passports boys, it’s time to export yourself to one of our neighbours, if not even further. For those adventurous bucks, look across the ditch at our Kiwi family. With gorgeous scenery, our fantastic relatives, plenty to do and see (Lord of the Rings buffs will know), plus more things to do than you could fush and chups about, New Zealand is a helluva place for a buck wanting all the sense of adventure of home, but dialled up to 11. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a totally new culture and environment, look to our northern neighbours in Indonesia. With fantastic snorkelling, beautiful water, volcanoes, friendly people, and exquisite cuisine, why not add it to the list? If you’re heading for Bali, there’ll be enough Aussies to greet you, it’ll even feel like home!

Road Trip

For something a little easier than letting down your tyres and having to carry a jerry full of fuel, take that intrepid buck, chuck the swag in the back, and hit the road. With about a bazillion kilometres (we checked) of road to explore, you can end up anywhere in a matter of hours. Any direction you choose will have something incredible to do, something amazing to see, and something phenomenal to eat. Of course, you’re totally allowed to be a tourist in a city, so why not have this roady end up as a weekend in the city of your choice?

A triple collage of swimming with sharks, bungee jumping, and sky diving


With a few of the bigger ideas out the way, we’ll throw some of the things you can actually do a couple of in a day at you and see what sticks. This is a non-exhaustive list so feel free to use it as brain food to get your own gears turning. Remember to plan and book these ahead of time for less stress and maybe better rates!

Sharks. Throw yourself in a cage with these magnificent and terrifying creatures, and see which mate they like the look of first. With only a few inches of steel separating you from a world as alien as Kepler-452B, this’ll certainly get your heart racing (sharks can sense that so take out the work for them and wrap yourself in seaweed like a little human sushi, if you’d be so kind).

Bungee Jumping. With a stronger rubber than the one that made your mate a father, plummet into your canyon of choice and question all your life decisions thus far. Of course, a select few of us get a huge kick out of this, so embrace it and try to keep your eyes open. (Note, they always push on 2, not three).

Throw yourself out of a plane for this classic adventure gig and a truly unique experience. We should clarify, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this plane. It flies, it’s strong, maybe has some snacks, definitely has a pilot, but you’re going to exit at an unconventional altitude anyway.
White Water Rafting. You’re not so much taming the river here as much as you're hoping to provoke it. Bash down a raging river with your mates for unparalleled fun. You are likely to get wet, prepare accordingly.

There’s a few tidbits for your consideration on stoking a fire in your best mate for his buck’s party. Mix and match as you please, but remember to tailor them to what the buck likes to do, it’s all about him after all.

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